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The story behind Salud Catering

The Becerra Family moved to San Diego from Mexico in the year 1900, making me now a 4th generation San Diegan! Many people call San Diego a tourist town, but my family calls it home. Because of our deep roots here, I wanted to include our city name and icons of the city in our logo. If you notice in our logo (inside the sombrero) we have the Coronado Bridge and the San Diego skyline as symbols of this beautiful city we live in.



In the early 1950’s my Great Grandmother had a small restaurant here in San Diego near the Hillcrest area she called “El Prado” where the “Gringos” would line up for hours to eat her fusion of Tex-Mex/Durango/ and Sonora Cuisines. During the same time and era, my mother’s family, the Garcia Family was in Baja Mexico on an old ranch called Buena Vista. My great grandfather claimed that Rancho Bueno Vista had “more fish than anywhere else in the entire world”, and convinced two other gentlemen to start a partnership and fishing resort. Little did my Tata and grandfather know that they would be considered pioneers in helping build and manage the first Sports-fishing Resort in Baja. Because of what my late grandfather has meant to me, and how much he loved Baja Mexico, I have dedicated our entire seafood menu on his behalf.

So as you can see, cooking is in my blood!  My family has been cooking traditional Mexican dishes here in San Diego over 100 years. Over the years of watching my grandparents, Mother, Father, Uncles and Aunts cook, I thought it was about time I shared the love we put into our food with you all! Here at SDTC each dish is prepared with Corazon and Mexican soul!

Grandpa BecerrA

My Grandfather

Everybody loves tacos!  There’s nothing like a traditional taco! A warm tortilla filled with juicy meat, and garnished with chopped onion, cilantro, Guacamole, maybe a squirt of lime and definitely some hot salsa. But I also had a vision to be different then any other street taco vendor, taco cart, taco bar, taco guy, taquero. That vision was to be “The King of ALL types of TACOS”. That’s why we offer more then just Tijuana style street tacos. We also offer Baja Style, and because of my strong Chicano influence I could not leave Tacos Dorado’s “Fried shell tacos” off the menu. As a kid these were my favorite, thanks to my Mom and Dad! I believe this sets us apart from any other taco catering company and gives us an edge to more variety and good eats!

We are sure to dazzle your guests with our made-to-order tacos, incredible salsas and outstanding side dishes. Call us today for the San Diego Taco Company experience!

They catered my work lunch for 220 people, and people raved about the food. The package is very reasonable. With a basic package, tax, service fee, and the add on of a veggie option, it came out to about $20 per person.

We had a ton of leftovers too, and they package it up for us. The chicken was surprisingly so good--smokey and juicy. The rice was flavorful and delicious. My only complaint is that they didn't replenish chips and salsa fast enough. We ended up with a ton of chips in the end, which would have been nice if they replenished it during lunch time.

The servers were friendly. And they were easy to communicate with via email when planning. They called me the day before to review all the details, which was very nice.

I would definitely order with them again.

Tiffany T.