The Salud Catering Menu

Our specialty is tacos but we offer various side dishes and other items to make your event the delicious experience you expect.  Our comprehensive menu allows you to concentrate on your guest while we concentrate on making sure your guest are full and happy! Read below about our basic package and customize it however you want with the menu options listed below (please call to discuss specialty items).

The Salud Catering Basic Package

All our packages start with basic package listed below.  You may browse our menu items to add or substitute items to this package.

  • Choose 2 of the following: Carne Asada (marinated beef),  Carnitas (pork), Pollo Asado (marinated chicken), Birria or Veggie
    (Meats are all original marinades and are cooked over mesquite and chopped on-site in front of you).
  • Beans (whole beans)
  • Rice
  • Guacamole (not a dip/side, strictly for tacos)
  • Fixings: onion, cilantro, limes, cotija cheese
  • Two Salsas:
    • Classic Hot (red garlic salsa)
    • Salsa Verde
  • 4’ mini tortillas
  • Fresh made tortilla chips
  • Quesadillas: tortilla filled with melted cheese (made to order only)
  • Paper plates, forks, & napkins included as well.




CARNE ASADA: Special Becerra family seasoning rub, meat is marinated overnight, and cooked over open flame mesquite.

POLLO ASADO: Fresh herbs, chipotle and citrus marinade, also cooked over mesquite.

AL PASTOR or “ADOBADA”: Pork marinated in achiote paste, with an abundance of other spices, and pineapple for tenderness! Meat is cooked on the plancha “griddle”.

LENGUA: Beef tongue slow cooked in herbs and spices, until tender.

CABEZA (CACHETE): Beef cheeks slow cooked to perfection.

CHORIZO: Cooked over open flame in its natural casing! Great mixed with carne, pollo, or tripa!

CARNITAS: Pork slow simmered until tender over a very low heat. Once appropriate tenderness is achieved, we shred and Crispin.

VEGGIE: Make a request! SDTC typical veggie taco is soy chorizo, potatoes, onion, and red bell pepper.

GRILLED VEGGIE: Lightly cooked & seasoned green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onion & zucchini.

(Each of these comes with all the fixings. Chopped Onion, cilantro, Limes, Cotija cheese)

Seafood Tacos


FISH:  We have been told that these are one of the best in SD! Catfish beer battered and fried served with our signature Mexi-slaw and secret sauce! We serve these either in deep fried tortilla or soft tortilla, you choose. … $2.75 ea

SHRIMP: Beer battered and fried served with our signature Mexi-slaw and secret sauce! … $3.50 ea

(Minimum of 20 tacos)



(all pricing on salsas based on 50 people unless otherwise noted)

CHILE DE ARBOL: Classic Red salsa made with red chile peppers. … $40

PICO DE GALLO: Diced tomato salsa. Best with our signature made tortilla chips. We also use this salsa on the fish and shrimp tacos. … $55

CHIPOTLE TOMATILLO: Smokey mild flavor. … $40

HABANERO TOMATE: Heat seekers salsa! Cooked with 3 kinds of chilies (habanero, Chili de arbol, serranos). … $40

SALSA VERDE: For those Team Green Salsa people. … $40

AVO-SALSA: Tomatillo avocado salsa, medium heat. … $55

HABANERO ESPECIAL: This salsa embodies everything that SDTC is all about. We grill all the vegetables over mesquite including fresh mango, for a spicy tangy kick! … $50



(all pricing based on 50 people unless otherwise noted)

BEANS: De la Olla or Refried (Beans in broth or smashed) .. $75

MEXICAN SLAW: Red and green cabbage, red onion, radish, cilantro, light jalapenos, and jicama with chipotle dressing. … $50

MEXICAN STREET CORN: Fire roasted corn with lime, queso fresco, crema and chile … $75

TABLE SIDE GUACAMOLE: Different from the guacamole we serve with our tacos, this guacamole is for your guest to enjoy with our signature chips. Chunky guacamole, with light tomato purple onion and cilantro & squirt of lime. .. $75

MEXICAN RICE: A side dish made from white rice, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and special seasoning.  … $70

SOUR CREAM … $15 (20 ppl)

CHIPOTLE CREMA … $20 (20 ppl)




Hand Made Tortillas


1-50: $50

51-100: $100

101-200: $150

Aguas Frescas


Our pricing is based on 5 Gallon & 3 Gallon orders.

HORCHATA WATER … $55 / $40

JAMAICA WATER … $55 / $40

WATERMELON … $60 / $45

MIXED FRUIT … $60 / $45

CACTUS WATER … $55 / $40

STRAWBERRY … $65 / $50

TAMARINDO … $55 / $40

PINEAPPLE … $60 / $45

CUCUMBER / LEMON … $55 / $40

HONEYDEW MELON … $55 / $40

Other Drinks


MEXICAN SODAS … $2.50 ea

BOTTLED WATER … $2.00 ea



Comes with: Nacho Cheese, Cotija Cheese, Pickled Jalapenos & Carrots, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Black Olives, Salsa. … $125 (50 people)


MINI FLAUTAS: Flour Tortilla, Avocado crema & chipotle crema … Pork $1.75 ea / Chicken $1.50 ea (20 minimum)

MINI TAQUITOS: Corn Tortilla, Avocado crema & chipotle crema … Pork $1.75 ea / Chicken $1.50 ea (20 minimum)

FRUIT CUPS: Seasonal Fruit Cut, seasoned with lime, Chamoy & Tajin … $80 (50 ppl)

EMPANADAS … $2.75 each (20 minimum)


SHRIMP CEVICHE CUPS: Raw Shrimp diced up and cooked in lime juice, spiced with our pico de gallo and cucumber salad. (5LB minimum) … $100

FISH CEVICHE CUPS: Raw fish diced up and cooked in lime juice, spiced with our pico de gallo and cucumber salad. (5LB minimum) … $100


CHURROS: $1.25 each 20 minimum order

CHURROS AND ICE CREAM PACKAGE:  Vanilla ice cream, churros, tajin, caramel syrup, spoons, napkins, cups…$150 (50 people)

VANILLA ICE CREAM: $55.00 (5 gallon minimum)

I am so happy that I selected the San Diego Taco Company to provide the catering for my daughter's birthday and graduation party at our home. The entire experience was a positive one for me from working with their catering department, and then from the day of the event with the on-site team.

I was impressed; they were professional, on-time, friendly, and the best part is that their food was a hit! All of my guests raved about how good the food was, and they kept going back for more!

Frankie and Alejandro were super nice. They made our experience smooth and easy. I give the San Diego Taco Company two thumbs way up! I recommend them and will probably use them again in the future!

Kathy D.