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All of San Diego County and surrounding areas. In some cities there may be a small travel fee. First 20 miles from zip-code 92113 will be free*  then there will be a travel fee of $3.00 round trip per mile thereafter. All delivery bookings are subject to a minimum $35 delivery, if delivery address is outside 20 miles from 92113 there will be a travel fee of $2.00 round trip per mile thereafter.


The customer is responsible for making sure a reasonably safe, secure, level and spacious area will be made available for the taco cart. We definitely need to be informed if there is debris, stairs, or narrow corners that our cart might have to access.

 If we need to access an elevator: It is the customers responsibility to inform Salud Catering and ensure the cart will fit. Measurements are as follows: Approx: 26″ W x 79″ L x  36″ H

The taco cart cannot be carried or lifted up ANY kind of stairs or steps.

We have no problem coming out to a venue to see the area we will be serving at before your event (travel charges may apply).

All permit requirements for outdoor service (ie, parks, beaches, public areas) are the customer’s responsibility.

Please check with your venue if trash hauling and or/bussing services are required.


There is a 25% deposit required for all orders and to “save the date”. Deposit has to be paid by Credit Card Only. We accept all major credit cards.

Remaining balance must be paid by company check or Credit Card only.

After a 3 day cool off period the deposit is non-refundable.

Full balance must be paid 3 days the before event. (Payment arrangements available upon request).

Balances not paid within 36 hours from event date will be charged to ANY card on file.

Checks can be mailed to PO BOX 13267 San Diego CA 92170.


Simply making any kind of inquiry on our website or by email, the “free quote” request form, etc. will not create any kind of binding catering contract. Our service will only be secured when we receive a deposit and you receive a booking confirmation.


Deposits are non-refundable after 3 day cooling period. THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER. SALUD SHOWS UP RAIN OR SHINE.


Once the order has been paid in full we do not process refunds.  For example if your headcount changes, we will not refund the difference if package is already paid in full.

 No changes can be made to the event once final confirmation has been done (takes place 1 week prior to event).

Once your deposit has been placed, you cannot reduce your headcount by more than 10. You are able to increase at no limit.


A 20% service charge will be added to every bill (unless otherwise noted) along with California State Tax. Please note that the service fee is not a tip. Our “Service Charge” is simply the fee for all overhead,  and operational expenses associated with a catered event.

Please note service fee is subject to change depending on venue

Gratuity is automatically included in all services except for the Pick-Up option.


Our service is a total of 2.5 – 4 hours depending on the service you choose, 1-1.5 hours of set up time + 1.5-2 hours of serving time.

But we also like to go with the flow of the event, if we feel we owe you some time we will stay accordingly. We typically serve for an hour 1/2, unless all the food has been consumed. Additional hours of service can be negotiated. We charge $240.00 an hour for additional hours. You may keep any leftover food as long as you provide us with something to package it up with. We average approximately 3-4 tacos per person.


Orders over 200 people, we recommend adding an additional set up for $350


Any discrepancies or disputes with our service must be presented to Salud Catering within 14 days of event to be considered for any type of  compensation or refund.


Below is some additional information that we have come across as being useful for deciding if you want to hire us for your event.

  • Our signature meats are grilled over mesquite. They will have a smoked flavor.
  • If we do cook on-site expect a good amount of smoke to be created from the grill.
  • In the case when we are cooking with charcoal, again, our team has been trained and will use every precaution for safety and potential damage, but we cannot guarantee no sparks or embers for minor possible damages.
  • Our setup is very simple we use white or black linen with white or black serving bowls.  Our setup is very casual.
  • Our orders are not an unlimited buffet.  We average about 3-4 tacos per person plus one quesadilla.
  • We bring the kitchen to you. We try our very best to be as neat and clean as possible. We provide a floor mat for protection. If you do want extra protection please provide an additional floor mat, tarp, or even cardboard for added protection. Please note that we cannot guarantee that there will be no grease spillage or damage from cooking.
  • We are a licensed catering business with necessary insurance, health permits, workman compensation, our servers have food handler’s cards, plus we operate out of a full size catering kitchen.
  • For full service option we require access to an outlet for our griddle to make tortillas and quesadillas.

Salud has the best tacos in SD! I recently had them cater my wedding. People can't stop talking about how amazing the tacos, ceviche and churros and ice cream was! Angelina was also an angel to work with, thank you!!

Moriah Z.